Our team has five members. Three are retired senior military officers and two are senior corporate managers with more than 80 years of senior-level P&L responsibilities in finance, business operations, marketing, sales and government affairs. Our collective experience spans policy and operations with commercial as well as military operations. We have local elected official experience rounding out the adage of "Think Globally – Act Locally".

Our members have managed large, complex organizations with annual budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Our careers include executive positions in the U.S. Army and, The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Loral Federal Systems, and the former McDonnell Douglas as well as Nortel, DEC and other technology companies. We have served and continue to serve on the boards of U.S. and international corporations, U.S., state and local government advisory committees, colleges and universities, and charitable organizations.

We have advised the governments of three former Soviet-bloc nations, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and helped them establish national security organizations that qualified them for membership in NATO.

Our combined management skills are enough to run a Fortune 100 corporation – responsibility for revenue, P&L and budgets; management of human capital, including personnel planning and development; national and global analysis for government and industry; and strategic and innovative thinking with applications for major corporations and highly structured organizations.