Welcome to Greeley Pond Technologies, LLC.

Greeley Pond Technologies, LLC. is an independent group of former senior U.S. military officers, corporate executives, analysts and subject matter experts who bring together years of international and domestic experience in management, government and commercial operations, corporate development, leadership development, training, and acquisition. We help government agencies and corporations identify actions and opportunities to advance their objectives and solve problems, and we propose programs and processes to carry out these actions and take advantage of these opportunities. Our principal interests and areas of expertise are U.S. federal markets and national security policy.

We operate as a virtual corporation, without significant overhead, applying collaborative tools to accomplish most of our assignments. We begin our work with client meetings to establish a concept of what a successfully completed project will look like, and to determine what deliverables will be required. In this way, we produce timely, well developed action plans for senior executives and leaders of corporate and military organizations.